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Welcome to Critical Alignment Yoga - the online sessions


 This package of Critical Alignment Yoga sessions is created for you so you can practice CAY at home or wherever you are. 

The package is perfect for beginners as well as regular yoga practicioners.  

The package includes an intro video, a video about the props we use during CAY, 5 guided sessions for the lower back, 4 guided sessions for the upper back and a guided body scan. 

Each exercise is about 10 minutes. You can follow the exercises one by one. 

For the CAY basic online sessions you need a yoga mat, strip, a felt mat to make a roll and a shoulderstand block. You can order the props via the site of Gert van Leeuwen. Simply click on the image of the props below. This website is in Dutch. 

If you're not Dutch please send me an e-mail if you would like to order the props. 

We understand you may first want to try out the CAY basic online sessions without ordering all the props.

In that case we advise you to to at least order the strip. Instead of a rolled up felt mat you can also use a rolled up sheet or a towel and instead of using the shoulderstand block you can also lie down on your yoga mat. 



   À l ‘Awen 

Get your own package of Critical Alignment Yoga Basics here

  • Best Value

    CAY - Basics

    10 guided yoga sessions

About Critical Alignment Yoga


Critical Alignment Yoga was developed by Gert van Leeuwen more than 30 years ago and focuses on the deepest level in the body; the skeleton.

The technique of Critical Alignment Yoga is unique, in that the exercises are approached with relaxation instead of effort. Using specialized props, your spine is placed in a more natural alignment, and then you are encouraged to relax fully and deeply. First the superficial movement muscles, where most of the tension from repetitive strain or poor posture is stored, are relaxed by using the weight of the body on the props. With deep and conscious breath, you can work through the strong sensations and start to add small movements which help stimulate the deeper postural and stability muscles, closer to the bones. You become more familiar with your body, finding exactly where the tension, stiffness and poor alignment is located. This awareness can then transfer into your daily life and activities. 


The three steps of CAY: relaxation- movement- strength/ coordination

If you are not in possession of the CAY props yet you can click on the prop  to go to the website of Gert van Leeuwen, or send me an e-mail.

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