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An inspirational journey


Welcome to À l'Awen

My name is Wendy but most people call me Wen. 

 Awen is a Welsh, Cornish and Breton word for “ inspiration”.

The symbol used by Druïds (wise men and women who have great knowledge of Nature)

is also called the Three Rays of Light, see the logo.


Beginning at the right side, the 1st ray stands for male power in the material world.

The left ray stands for the female power in the material world.

The middle ray of Awen symbolises the balance between these two.

Druïds see creativity and inspiration as gifts that flow to us from all kinds of sources, physical and not physical.

In Druïdry this is called Awen, which means inspiration or flowing spirit.

Life, nature, animals, art, travel, yoga & meditation have inspired me and keep on inspiring me. All experiences on my way have lead me to where I am now and have showed me my ‘dharma’, mission in Life: to be a spiritual tour guide. 

On this site I want to share those things with you. I have divided them in three themes:

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Schermafdruk 2019-02-09 18.41.54.png


We created a package of 10 yoga sessions in which you acquire the basics of Critical Alignment Yoga.

Whether yoga is new to you or if you are already familiar with yoga, this package will be the perfect base to practice at home, on a daily or weekly base. Regular practice keeps you relaxed, flexible and energetic!

See the Teaser below 


For the online Yoga Package click on the button


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Wendy Manintveld 

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